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5.4 meters by 5 meters - Wool Rich 42oz Twist Carpet RRP £729

5.4 meters by 5 meters - Wool Rich 42oz Twist Carpet RRP £729

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PLEASE come to our show room to view the carpet to see the exact colour

We have purchased this carpet from a highly reputable high end retailer, whereby you would pay £729 for it as RRP Price per square metre is £27

Measurements are approximately 5.4 meters by 5 meters

This single ply carpet is made from a wool rich blend and weaved in a classic twist style. The material is hard-wearing, making this carpet suitable for places of very heavy domestic use, such as a lounge or hallway. It is also moth resistant.

These are Factory Return Carpets which means that they have been denied by the customer or retailer for one reason or another, most commonly because the bag is split or not what they expected. These carpets get offered to us as part of the Reuse Network so that they do not end up in landfill and instead can serve local communities in need.

We should make it clear that these carpets have NEVER been used and are brand new aside from marks as a result of a tear in the bag or where they have been pulled about on the van.

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